A Malleable Border Teeming with Life

Lata Mani

Oakland, California, USA 2 June 2020

Parents’ Home Office Challenges During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Lena Hipp, Stefan Munnes and Mareike Bünning

Berlin, Germany 28 May 2020

Collective Care vs. Containment: Workshop at the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair (CKUT radio)

Mikiki, Modibo Kadalie and Alexis Shotwell

Montréal, Canada 26 May 2020
Photos and Art

In time of social distance

William Wall

Ireland 26 May 2020
Letters and Reflections

Keep Your Fluff Piece


Québec, Canada 20 May 2020
Photos and Art

Ça va bien aller – Everything will be ok

Erica Lagalisse

Montréal, Québec, Canada 20 May 2020

Eid Al-Fitr and Religious Holidays: Challenges of Covid-19 in the Muslim World

Mohammad Hidayaturrahman

East Java, Indonesia 20 May 2020
Photos and Art

The Blackbirds Sing

Louise A. Hart

Morecambe, UK 19 May 2020

Precarity and the Effect of Sudden Economic Shock on the Intimate Labour Force in India

Sutapa Majumdar

Pune, India 19 May 2020
Photos and Art


Ruben Sumaguio

Blackpool, UK 18 May 2020

Forgotten ones – the ambiguity of care in a homeless shelter during Covid-19

Johannes Lenhard

Cambridge, UK 18 May 2020

Hacia una cultura del cuidado / Towards a Culture of Care

Magdalena Zegarra Chiappori

Lima, Peru 15 May 2020

A Community of the Unalike

Yasmin Gunaratnam

London, UK 14 May 2020

On Being Old and Vulnerable

Mary Evans

In telling the over-70s to stay at home the government is recognising vulnerability, but refusing to consider how that vulnerability is produced.

UK 13 May 2020

How the Coronavirus killed Capitalism

Matthew Hayes

After 150 years of labour struggle, capitalism came to an end in less than two weeks because of a virus.

Fredericton, Canada 11 May 2020

Radical care in times of COVID-19: lessons from Puchuncaví

Manuel Tironi and Israel Rodríguez-Giralt

Puchuncaví, Chile 8 May 2020

Can Covid 19 be a Game-Changer? Those Who Serve on the Frontline and Servant Loyalty during the Indian Mutiny of 1857

Shalini Grover

A comparative account of the current Covid pandemic & the Indian Mutiny of 1857; what these events have in common is gender and a crisis in social reproduction. Quarantine diaries and mutiny diaries bring us to historical cross-roads for re-evaluating class-gender-race-caste.

Kent, UK 6 May 2020
Editor's Desk

Introducing Solidarity and Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Professor Bev Skeggs

22 April 2020