Know place like home: The 82.3m2 Project

The 82.3m2* project is a response to lockdown—82.3m2 is the area measurement of my house. Feeling trapped and bored by the confines of the four walls, and with lines blurred between home and work space, I tried to explore the house in new and unique ways, picking up the day-to-day sounds that it creates.  As I proceeded, I started thinking about the sounds and noises that might be trapped too, and therefore the impact of the buzzing workspace on our home via electromagnetic fields.

This collage of noise is constructed through the endless bombardment of Wi-Fi, the constant hum of electrical sockets and computers, and punctuated by bursts of phone calls, hairdryers, microwaves and TVs that all clash in the home. Behold the hidden conflict of home versus work.

Image: Dan Lovesey

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31 agosto 2020 — Dan Lovesey

Dan Lovesey

Cheshire, UK

Dan Lovesey is a full time university support worker, part time PhD student and a frustrated musician, artist and film-maker. His particular focus of research concerns how autistic university students enter the world of precarious work in the creative industries. This, in connection with the overarching principles of neo-liberalism, and how these govern our lives.  Through music and art, he explores his experience of the world and autism diagnosis in adulthood; more examples of his work can be found at